Digital Marketing for Business

In today’s market, more than ever, organizations need to leverage digital media to tell their story and build relationships with prospective clients. But how do you wade through all of the marketing theories and opportunities to engage with your audience and turn strangers into customers? How will you stand out from others in your industry doing the exact same things? And, most importantly, how can you be sure that your digital marketing efforts convert into paying customers?

Marketing Action Plan

Brand Awareness

Generate Leads

Marketing Action Plan (MAP)

“Digital marketing doesn’t work.”

You’re right. It doesn’t… without a plan anyway. So many businesses randomly fire out marketing tactics in an attempt to grow their business and, without a strategy in place, the rewards are marginal.

Often organizations employ some tech-savvy and creative people who are capable of making social media and blog posts, creating compelling newsletters, and managing a client database. The word “strategy” is held loosely with the general goal of increasing traffic to the website and hoping it turns into a sale at some point.

Your team may be savvier than the above scenario, utilizing landing pages, advertising on Google and social media, and writing lead nurture content but the tools may not speak to each other. Tracking the time and financial investment through to conversion might be next to impossible.

The IMPACT process starts with developing a clear understanding of your unique market position and creating an in-depth profile of your target audience so that messaging is clear and directly speaks to prospect from their first inquiry through to a purchase decision. We have created a collaborative workshop, the Marketing Action Plan or MAP. Partnering you with one of our business marketing strategists, we walk your team through the creation of a bespoke marketing and execution plan.

With the MAP in hand, you will have a grasp of your organization’s existing resources and any gaps in the content and expertise required to follow through on your plan. You will know who is accountable for what and when. You will have made decisions on what tools to use and how to measure success. MAP brings everyone on your team onto the same page and coordinates your efforts to achieve clearly defined goals.

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Brand Awareness

Sales people will tell you that most of their business comes from word of mouth referrals. That is true, but the definition of “word of mouth” is changing. Putting a shout out on Facebook is what talking over the backyard fence used to be. When someone gives you a recommendation, you ask Google their opinion before you make the call. As a matter of fact, studies tell us that 57% of the decision is made from online research before a prospect even makes an inquiry.

Your next client could be down the street or on the other side of the planet. How do you ensure your business is considered as a solution?

Team IMPACT specializes in helping service oriented organizations get found online. We help you find your unique voice among your competitors, drive traffic to your website or social media channels and compel viewers to enter an experience with your brand.

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Generate Leads

What is a lead? If you sell a product with a price point under $100, you can likely convert sales from your website. If you sell a high ticket item or are in the service industry, it’s unlikely someone is going to click a button to make a purchase without a direct conversation with someone on your team

Most of our clients offer services. We work with businesses like yours to create advertising and marketing campaigns that: drive traffic to your website and generate leads – email sign-ups, phone call or email inquiries.

Your business is unique, your strategy and message must be unique. We commit to our clients and will only work with one client per industry per region. We are on YOUR marketing team.

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